Concurso para Alunos – Centro Urbano de Transportes Sustentáveis em Barcelona

Boas Tardes!

Quanto a este concurso, vamos deixar aqui uma parte do e-mail que nos foi enviado. Este explica por alto o que é o concurso, o porquê do concurso e tem um link que tem mais informações úteis para aqueles que queiram competir.


My name is Guillermo Carone and I am writing to inform you about a new project that we just launched with the collaboration of the Architecture School of Barcelona and Polytechnic University of Catalunya and that I believe will be of great interest for your students.

The inscription period is now open to participate in an architecture competition open to all students (exclusively) around the world. The project consists in designing the first Urban Center of Sustainable Transports in Barcelona. You may see all the details in

Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to become familiar with this kind of events, see how other students from other parts of the world deal with the same project and at the same time compete to win cash prizes, architecture books, and get their project published on some worldwide known and distributed architecture magazines, something that will definitely make a difference on a student portfolio.

I would like to ask for your cooperation in the task of promoting this event, which we believe will interest students from your school, either by spreading the news via e.mail, publishing on the school website, or in any other way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. Thanks in advance.

Guillermo Carone
Tel. + 34 669 869 752
C/Duran i Bas 1, 3º1ª
08002         Barcelona
S       P       A       I       N
Não se esqueçam, mais informações em:


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